Watch this video and more on TSL 360

Watch this video and more on TSL 360

Breaking Down a Script with Actors

Screenwriting Instructors – 42m

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  • Elements of a Dramatic Scene

    David Howard is an award-winning Screenwriter, Television Writer and Author of "The Tools of Screenwriting," and "How to Build a Great Screenplay" and Professor of Screenwriting, University of Southern California. In this video he breaks down the elements of a dramatic scene.

  • Writing the Television Drama

    Pamela Douglas, a Humanitas, Emmy, Writers Guild award-winning writer, is also Professor of Screen and Television Writing at the University of Southern California. She is the author of "Writing the TV Drama Series", now in its fourth edition.

    In this class, she breaks-down the fundamentals a...

  • How to Get, Keep and Manage your Repr...

    Lee Jessup is a career coach for emerging and professional screenwriters, best-selling author (Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches and Getting it Write: An Insider’s Guide to a Screenwriting Career) as well as consultant for the Universal Writers Program and NBC International.